Monday, October 12, 2009


Here HE is giving me a hug the way that horses do. He's still sweeter than ever. Easy to handle. A nice animal and a good soul. He likes to nip and play. He's a colt - so he has a ferocious kick now. And in a few months - he could be a stud if we let him. He likes it when I rub his ears and his forehead. Today when we got to the pasture, he ran around and around with his buddies and got all sweaty. We just watched them and enjoyed their youthful exhuberance. I think that he did not recognize me for a little while. We sat on the fence and the dog ran up and down and they would come to a stop, check out the people sitting on the fence, then tear off again to the far corner of the pasture. Then they would come back a few minutes later. They did this three of four times and then I hopped down in the pasture and started walking towards Bright. He started - darted away - then quickly came back. Then all of a sudden - he got this look of recognition and he walked right up to me and bumped me. The way your cat does when he says Hi. It took him a little while but then it was like we were old buddies and he followed me around. I hadn't seen him in over two months and was so impressed by his growth. He had filled out considerably. Big bones. Not ribby any more. His coat is deep chestnut. His mane flies in the wind. He looks like a horse. A really beautiful handsome colt. Thats what he is.

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Joyce said...

He's looking good.

I saw one of Marsha's won down at Santa Anita today...