Sunday, March 30, 2008

DAY 32

Bright was just full of it today. Not easy to catch and not easy to hold, but he settled after a little while at least enough to take these photos with me. Lady M didn't mind at all that I wanted to pet him. She just munched away on alfalfa. One of my favorite things about Bright is his mane. Its just adorable. I like to rub him behind the ears too. He seems to like that alot. He calmed down considerably. Bright hasn't learned or figured out how to kick out yet. That's a good thing. He did rear up on me but it wasn't anything grand. Nan says that when he does figure out how to kick, I'm going to be at the top of his list to kick first. Nice.

Day 32 - Bright's First Run

LOOK AT HIM GO!! THIS IS HIS FIRST RUN. ALL FOUR OFF THE GROUND. Doesn't he look just great. Tail straight out. Ears pricked forward. Right by Lady's side. He likes to run. Its evident. He's built so well for it. After I took this picture I said to myself - "He's an easy goer."

Day 32 - Out in Pasture

Bright Journey is now out in pasture with Lady Marquise, which they share with another mare and colt. He loves being outside. Today was warm and sunny at the Farm and Bright was sticking close to Lady. He's been out for only three days. He's got a spot on his neck where they shaved him to put a plasma jug of antibiotics. When we got there, all the other foals were laid out on the ground napping, but not Bright. He was nursing. He still won't eat carrots or grass. Still only interested in milk, but he's big and strong. They have put a foal halter on him and I was able to catch him, but it was like trying to reel in a big marlin. He really fought me. Eventually, I had to let him go and he ran off with Lady to the far end of the pasture. Nan noted that his legs are almost as long as Lady M's legs right now. He's a tall fella.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Day 11

BRIGHT JOURNEY WAS FEISTY on Day 11. He is still not eating regular hay or carrots. Lady Marquise was happy to have all the carrots to herself. Bright ran around his stall alot and he wasn't into having me pet him so much. But when I sat down and just hung out, he came over and sniffed on me for a long time and then laid down to nap. He just finds a sunny place and sprawls out in the middle of the shavings. Very cute. You can see that over the course of the last seven days, his croup has become higher and more pronounced. He has a very serious bubble butt, and his shoulders are also starting to show. He already has a nice body.

Saturday, March 1, 2008


DOESN'T BRIGHT LOOK BRIGHT! I think he does. I went to the farm today to visit the little fella and Lady M. They were outside in a paddock so they could enjoy the lovely afternoon. BJ has really filled in. You can barely see his ribs anymore. His face is symetrical now. I don't think it was before. He's got a nice back and a high croup. Doesn't he look great?
When I got there he came right over to sniff me. He seems very friendly. Curious and sweet. He was defintely in a good mood being outside in the sunshine.
Lady M is doing great. She seems to be recovering quickly. She was still cranky with me - but I guess that just the way its always going to be. I still don't have feeling in my pinky where she bit it off.


So here is Bright Journey standing up for the first time. I'm giving him a little stability. This is about 55 minutes after he was born so its 2 am in the morning. He's doing pretty good huh? This is the moment that I waited for all 9 days of waiting and waiting. I wanted to help him up. Sometimes they need a little lift on the back end to make it. His hooves are still very soft - kind of like rolled wet newspaper and it was amazing to me that he could stand on them. But he did.