Sunday, March 30, 2008

Day 32 - Out in Pasture

Bright Journey is now out in pasture with Lady Marquise, which they share with another mare and colt. He loves being outside. Today was warm and sunny at the Farm and Bright was sticking close to Lady. He's been out for only three days. He's got a spot on his neck where they shaved him to put a plasma jug of antibiotics. When we got there, all the other foals were laid out on the ground napping, but not Bright. He was nursing. He still won't eat carrots or grass. Still only interested in milk, but he's big and strong. They have put a foal halter on him and I was able to catch him, but it was like trying to reel in a big marlin. He really fought me. Eventually, I had to let him go and he ran off with Lady to the far end of the pasture. Nan noted that his legs are almost as long as Lady M's legs right now. He's a tall fella.

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