Monday, January 19, 2009


When I took this photo, I thought it might be a delete. I was trying to take Bright in the midst of his pals jockeying for position to get close to us. But now that I see the composition on the photo, I really like it. Bright's nose is in the forefront. You can tell because his snip covers the one-half of his right side and its outlined in gray. Then his pal from Super Interco is right behind him. And then there is the nose of the single bay horse in the pasture with the setting sun illuminating him and their long elegant coltish legs. I think its perfectly captures how curious horses can be. They nose around.


1. Kate with the Colts
2. The Three Chestnuts
3. Bright lets Jen rub his ears.


ISN'T IT JUST BEAUTITUL? The days have been so mild. The colts get sweaty when they run around and play. Its good to be them though. They have nice lives. Bright is on the Right in this photo.


HE IS LOOKING LIKE A HORSE NOW. But he's just ever so friendly and curious. He's also a horse that clears the trough when he wants to eat. That means he runs all the other horses off till he gets his spot and then then can come back and eat so long as they don't bug him. Bright is not a shrinking violet, and any worries that I previously had about him being a mama's boy have evaporated. Bright mixes it up with the other colts. And he is clearly leader of the pack. He's not a bully, he just seems confidant and well respected by his peers. He's growing nicely too. Big hocks. Tall hips. A long distance runner's body.


Lindsay Stud has reported that Good Journey made it back from Australia safe and sound. He is now at Magali Farms and ready to stand stud again. Whilw he was in Australia, Good Journey covered a phenomenal 119 mares, and that was after covering 80 in the USA. So his total mare cover for 2008 was 199 mares, including Queen of Paris. And he gets the job done.

Mares visiting Good Journey this season include Royal Purler (G1 winner), Umber (G3 winner), Grand Strategy (1/2 sister to G1 winner Grand Journey), Marsiliana (3/4 sister to Caulfielld Cup winner Arctic Scent), Elusive Doll (1/2 sister to G1 winner Hard To Get), Violet Haze (full sister to G1 winner Notoire) as well as daughters of Group One winners Ambala and Kissing Cousin.

Good Journey was paraded last Sunday September 7th to a group of local SA breeders who braved the wet conditions for a first look at one of the country’s most promising sires. Some photos from the day are included below.

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