Friday, March 25, 2011


As most of you know, I love watching and betting on Australian Horse Racing.  The fields are big and competitive.  Most of the races are run on grass and you rarely see an injury.  And they have a NO drug policy.  Here is the leading sprinter in Australia - a beautiful filly called Black Caviar.  Very often in OZ, the best horses are fillies and they run against the males.  There was Makybe Diva who won 3 Melbourne Cups in a row. There was Typhoon Tracy last year.  And now - Black Caviar who reminds me of Goldikova in the way that she flattens out like an arrow running.  She is Australia's version of Zenyatta - being unbeated in her career.  I love to see a talented filly. Just look at that Black Flash kick away from the field!  Pure energy and beauty. 

MOM AND BRIGHT 3-12-2011

This is the first photo of Mom and Bright together. Even though he's a stallion, I think she felt some confidence because she saw how sweet he was and that I could pick his feet up and rub my hands all over him.  He has such a nice spirit.  He's a sweet soul. He seems to want her to rub his ears.



Mom and I went to visit Bright Journey on March 12, 2011, at the beautiful Oakmont Ranch in Rancho Murietta.   He just turned 3 on February 26, and he looks great.  We fed him two bags of baby organic carrots.  He's got a lovely shiney coat on him.  He had just come out of the aquatred and his legs were rock hard cold and tight.  His tendons look super and you can't tell that he ever had any problem with them.  We hope to have him back to Howard Zucker at Santa Anita by the end of April.