Saturday, February 20, 2010

Almost 2 Years Old

Bright is 6 days away from his 2 year old birthday.  Efrain estimates that his weight is about 975 pounds and that he will put on another 75 in muscle mass in the spring and summer.  We think he is about 16'1" right now.  Efrain is 5'11" so that makes Bright's withers at about 65 inches.  He seems to like it out at Once Over Farm.  He's got a nice paddock in the back out by the hills.  Very picturesque.  This morning was foggy but it burned off around 11.  The temperature was mild.   I took my Dad to see him for the first time.  Dad thought he was much bigger in real life than in his photos.  Bright ate a whole bag of carrots and then posed for us.  Efrain Guzman, who runs Once Over and trained Bold Chieftan as a two year old, is holding Bright in these photos.  Efrain said that Bright is a natural when it comes to posing.  I said, "I sure hope he's going to be taking alot of photos in the Winner Circle."  Bright will get cookies on Saturday for his birthday.  Some friends from Portola Pastures are coming to visit him. It will be a regular party.