Saturday, January 30, 2010


There are lots of reasons to smile about Bright Journey.  Look how nicely he has grown up. And he is a sweet soul.  I could not be happier with the way that he has turned out.


We moved Bright to Once Over Farm in Morgan Hill on Thursday. He had finished his first three months of initial training at Legacy and I wanted him a little closer to me so I could visit. He is only 45 minutes away now. I am very excited for him because he will have 6 weeks off and then go back in training with Efrain Guzman. Efrain trained Bold Cheiftain who just won the $500,000 Sunshine Millions race today at Santa Anita. Bold Chieftain has never raced outside of California but he is one of those rare Cal breds that has won over $1.4 million. Great horse. Efrain has great hands and is very patient with young horses. He gives them alot of personal attention. Bright will probably be with Efrain for at least 3-4 months before heading South. There is lots of growing for him to do in the Spring, but mostly it will be filling out and modeling the bone in his legs. Already though, he's a strong handsome colt.  Look how he has nice muscle on his front legs and a great top line.  BJ is at least 16' 1 now and he is taller than his sire - and much different than his dam in body type.  Lady Marquise was like a Quarter Horse.  Its interesting to see how he is the best of both of them.  He has all of Good Journey's flashy fantastic looks and some really great bone structure from his dam.  

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


After Bright went around Legacy's 5/8th track once at a jog, his exercise rider brought him over to say Hi.  He looks all grown up now.  He takes after his sire in the looks department, but may even be taller than him now.  He still has a little more growing to do - and he will fill out a bit, but you are seeing a colt who is clearly going to be a big runner with a long stride.  He has nice round hooves and a balanced body. He will be a turf miler for sure.


When I arrived at the Farm at 9 am, Anita whisked me to the training barn in her golf cart.  It was so cold and foggy, we draped a blanket over our legs.  When we got there, Bright was walking out of the shadow of the barn, fully tacked, and ready to go for a little spin.  His exercise rider legged up and they started walking to the track with another chestnut.  Bright acted like a total professional.  In this photo, Bright is on the left.  His rider is in blue.  You can see that he is quite a bit taller at the withers than his companion.  Bright is not ready to gallop yet.  His bones are still forming and you don't want to stress them too much.  He needs time to grow into his tall and lanky frame.  So he just walks and jogs a bit.  He is still a baby in his head and alittle spooky.  But he likes being out on the track and is easy to handle.  He enjoys his morning walk.  He has been in training for 2 1/2 months now and he's a good student.