Thursday, May 27, 2010


BRIGHT IS NOW SLOWLY GALLOPING WITH MANE A FLYING.  He looks happy.  He is going with a buddy and they are hard to tell apart except that Bright is about two inches taller with a bigger croup.  On his third go around, on the home turn, Bright did something really cool.  On his own, without any urging, he picked up his head and accelerated around the turn and past his running pal.  The jockey was a little surprised and took him back pretty solidly.  But Efrain said to me, "Hey did you see that?"  I said "Yeah.  What just happened?"  Efrain said, "Well its too early to say if he has any talent, but that was a move you like to see.  It was his idea to accelerate past the other horse on the turn.  You can't buy that....they have to want to do it - and I guess he does."   And thats a good thing. 

By the way, Bright is really looking like a stallion these days, if you know what I mean. He's got a good size neck and head.  His coat is shiney.  Efrain says he's the biggest colt on the farm right now.  Bright leaves for Howard Zucker's barn (59) at Santa Anita next week to start training harder to get ready for his first race in August at Del Mar.  How exciting.