Saturday, March 1, 2008


DOESN'T BRIGHT LOOK BRIGHT! I think he does. I went to the farm today to visit the little fella and Lady M. They were outside in a paddock so they could enjoy the lovely afternoon. BJ has really filled in. You can barely see his ribs anymore. His face is symetrical now. I don't think it was before. He's got a nice back and a high croup. Doesn't he look great?
When I got there he came right over to sniff me. He seems very friendly. Curious and sweet. He was defintely in a good mood being outside in the sunshine.
Lady M is doing great. She seems to be recovering quickly. She was still cranky with me - but I guess that just the way its always going to be. I still don't have feeling in my pinky where she bit it off.

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