Monday, October 12, 2009


Here I am leading Bright Journey. I am just a hair shy of 5 foot 6 with shoes on. Brights back is as tall as me. That means he's 16.1 hands tall and he is still growing!! He's got tremendous bone on his front legs, a well balance neck, and handsome head. He has nice round feet, and croup that is slightly higher than his withers, and a fantastic gaskin. He has long legs and good stride. He is built like a rachorse should be built.
One of the very nicest things about Bright is how well he handles. For a horse that has been in pasture all his life, he is very agreeable. He let me pick up his feet, and run him all over. I rubbed his ears, his forehead, his belly. He will let you do anything you like to him. And, he follows. Not perfectly well, but he is willing. He has such a nice disposition. I could not ask for anything more. He's really the complete package.

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