Friday, August 27, 2010


HI EVERYONE.  I VISITED BRIGHT AT WINNER'S CIRCLE RANCH IN BRADBURY ON TUESDAY. He's doing alright.  It was hot but they had a fan on for him. I met with Leigh Gray and we talked about his rehab program.  Dr. Sheild performed the first of three Platlette Rich Plasma (PRP) procedures on him on Wednesday evening.  Dr. Shield wrote me that the lesion is in the lower 40% based on length and circumference. He suggests that there is a 65% chance of return to successful racing without re-injury during 5+ races. He also sent me video of the procedure which I will post on the Red Garland Extranet site for everyone to see.

I really like the Winner's Circle Facility and feel confident that Bright is getting the best care possible.  Go check it out.   You will be impressed. I will keep you posted. 

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NHagan said...

I went to visit as well (with Jen). Great facility. The handler, Leigh, was wonderful.. really caring and knowledgable. And Bright was frisky and fun. He's gonna be stronger and healthier when he first races. This may be a really good thing for his long term racing chances.