Friday, March 19, 2010


The vet came out and took x-rays yesterday. The news is very good.  Bright's knees have closed.  Now this might not sound like big news to you, but it is!! This means that Bright can now start training in earnest because he can bear weight ( a jockey) on a gallop.  So - we can now start giving Bright some easy gallops to get him into condition.  Bright is about 6 weeks ahead of where we were hoping he might be - so we are very excited that he grew big and strong early - and his kneees have closed meaning that his body is ready to run.  Bright continues to impress me with his maturity.  He will go back into gallops with Efrain on April 1 and we will plan to take to Santa Anita at the end of June so he can move with his trainer's barn to Del Mar for the summer meet there.  We are ahead of schedule!  Woo hoo!

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