Thursday, July 16, 2009

BRIGHT'S GANG - June 2009

Here is Bright's gang. These are the other colts in his pasture that he hangs with. Bright is the second on the far right - ears perked. Beautiful white blaze. Three white socks (like Secretariat). He is 16 months now.
When we got to the farm, the colts ran around for about 45 minutes and got all sweaty. Then we went to the far corner which is shaded by a large tree and the colts came over for carrots. Bright knows his name and will eagerly eat carrots. He is very friendly and sweet. And the colts all are very funny together. I would say that the most obvious thing about a gang of colts is that they are a curious bunch. They like to nibble on shoe laces, shirts, and caps.
Bright is only a few months from going into training. I would say that he is about 650 pounds now. And he looks like a horse.

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