Tuesday, March 17, 2009



Bright turned one on February 26, 2009. He is now a big strong strapping yearling. I went to see him at the farm and he and his buddies ran away from me in a rain slogged field. The water spraying everywhere. It was beautiful to see those young colts run off in a herd. Eventually, they all settled down for evening hay and I was able to seduce Bright with a carrot. And then he remembered me.
Today is the day that Bright got it. He recognizes me and lets me rub his ears and forehead. He comes to me for carrots and eats them a plenty when the other colts just mimic him. He is the only colt who knows his name - because he is the only one to have a name. He knows when you call him now. He undestands carrots, rubbing, and friendship. The other colts are curious, but only Bright knows that he has a human that loves and adores him. He gets it.
This is a photo of Bright and his buddy by a mare named Super Interco. I just call him the Doppleganger. Bright is on the left. Doppleganger is on the right. I am glad that Bright has a buddy.

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