Thursday, September 11, 2008


BRIGHT LIKES CARROTS. Now that he is weaned, or in the process of it, Bright is eager to receive carrots from me. I think we've built a sort of trust over carrots. He has an expectation of me now. Alot of the foals don't know what they are because no one has ever come to give them carrots. No one has ever brought them any treats at all. But not Bright. He gets treats everytime I visit. He's going to be easy to train as long as you give him carrots. Anita and Diana (Legacy Ranch folks) both told me that he is such a nice tempered animal that he will be easy to train, and because of that, I can leave him a colt for as long as he needs to be. Everyday now, he gets walked from his stall on halter. In three weeks, he should have the hang of it and then go into an outdoor paddock with other colts to frolic and play.

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