Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Bright Journey arrived last night (Feb. 26) at 1 am at Legacy Farms in Clements, California. Here is his first picture with dam Lady Marquise.
We registered him with the Jockey Club as "Bright Journey" because he looks so much like his sire, "Good Journey." He has three white socks, a blaze, and very long legs. And as you can see, he's bright Chestnut. He will be a red flash on the track. Lady M was only in labor for 15 minutes after her water broke. It was an easy birth and both dam and foal are healthy and well, and everything went text book perfect.
This Blog is dedicated to him and his progress to the race track and on the track.


Joyce said...

Welcome to the world, Mr. Colt.

Anonymous said...
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racetrackworker said...

A very Bright future is in store for this colt. Congrats Jennifer!
I think that I will go and snaps some photos for you!